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Quality Medium Shades for Full Car Window Tinting

2 Reasons Why Medium Shade Is Ideal for Tinting Your Car Windows

If you’re a car owner, chances are you have tinted car windows. The process is simple and cheap, but there’s one thing you might not be aware of: the difference between tint shades. Some products have clear or light-colored films that will provide good visibility out of your car but won’t keep heat in as well as darker shades like black or brown. Others offer “tintable” films that allow you to experiment with different colors before choosing one that works best for your vehicle! Here are 2 main reasons why a medium shade is ideal for full car window tinting:

You’ll be able to see clearly.

The next time you’re in a car, look up. Look at the sky and the clouds. You may be able to see some stars if there is no light pollution around you. But what about those cars that are passing by? How can they see each other? Medium shade tinted windows are a great way to help drivers see clearly through their vehicles’ windows so they don’t have to worry about getting run off the road by another vehicle.

It won’t affect your paint job.

Tinting will not affect your paint job. Most tinting companies use a special material that is designed to keep the tint from touching the paint, so you won’t have any issues with discoloration or other issues related to how it affects your car’s shine. Tinting is also a good way to protect your car’s paint job from damage caused by sun exposure and UV rays. Using a high-quality film that doesn’t allow light through at all is a great way to reduce sun and UV ray exposure inside your car. This means you don’t have to worry about fading or peeling off when exposed directly to sunlight.

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